Thursday 16th February 2017

Nutrition Labelling: December 13th 2016 deadline has passed. Not yet compliant? Don't panic!

 Firstly, you may be exempt: You must be able to say yes to the following:

·         Are you a small business with a turnover of £1.4million or less & less than 10 employees?


·         Do you make and sell your products within a 30 mile radius of your production site?


·         If you are uncertain as to whether your product is exempt from the nutrition labelling component  of the latest labelling law, the link below will take you to the EU1169/2011 Guidance notes and on Page 13 of 99 you can find a list of foods that are exempt from the legislation for nutrition labelling.


And no, to this question:

 ·         Are you making any ‘claims’ about your products?

 Then you are exempt from the nutrition labelling component of the EU1169/2011 legislation.  Great!  You have no need to worry – all fine.


If you are not exempt, you have two choices:


·         Analysis – sending a sample of food to a laboratory


·         Calculation – either making these yourself (complicated so using a Calculation Tool is best) or delegating to a professional


You should choose analysis if:


·         You make deep fried foods


·         You make fermented foods


·         You make any product where not everything that goes in, stays in (apart from water!)


·         You make any product where you take anything out that is there at the start. (i.e. teas, stocks, fresh pressed juices etc.)


·         You buy in a significant component for your product that you cannot obtain nutrition information for


You should choose calculation if:


·         You manufacture very low carbohydrate products


·         You manufacture high carbohydrate products


·         You sell a handmade product that is not standardised or uniform


·         Your products vary widely from batch to batch


·         You are designing new products


·         You do not have time to wait for lab results


For most other products, you may use either method but if you would like some advice about which is best for you, please call us on: 01598 760673