Data Files

NutriCalc incorporates over 12,000 ingredients within the following data files:

The most up to date version of McCance & Widdowson (7th edition) also known as CoFids or the UK Nutrient Databank. In NutriCalc these files form the basis for our software and have been adjusted according to the EU 1169/2011 legislation

The USDA (American Government) files have also been incorporated. As the legislation in the USA has different requirements and values are therefore calculated differently, we have re-calculated the data them in order to make them compatible with the UK data.

The NutriCalc Supplementary file: This is a compilation of ingredients commonly used by food manufacturers and other professionals (manufacturing aids, E-numbers etc.). Our long experience in working with the chemical composition of foods enables us to do this.

Self file: NutriCalc comes with a comprehensive file for users to enter their own data for variable or unusual ingredients. This file is almost limitless. There is a recommended ‘check’ function within this file which will help reduce operator error and also highlight both missing areas and data that appear to be wrong (eg the energy calculations). The information for this file may be obtained from either supplier specification sheets or from nutrition information from ingredient labels.