Q. What does NutriCalc® actually do?
NutriCalc® calculates the nutrition information from ingredients listed in either the files that come with the software, or your own self-file entries created by you with information from your suppliers.

Q. Is NutriCalc accurate?
Yes, as long as the information entered is accurate! As mentioned on our home page, many Trading Standards Officers use our software. As one user comments:

"NutriCalc® was really helpful in being able to sort out low fat meals when doing developments. I was amazed that NutriCalc® was incredibly accurate." CF (Technical Manager)

 Q. Can NutriCalc cope with cook losses?
Yes it certainly can. You can enter this either as a % cook loss, the start and finish (batch and yield) weights, or there is a facility for entering the final moisture content if you prefer.

Q. Will NutriCalc remember the recipes I've entered?
Yes. What's more, it is very easy to come back later and tweak your recipe or use it as a sub-recipe for another product.

Q. How many computers can I install the software onto?
One. Extra user licences are available for same site users at a discounted rate.

Q. Will the software work on a MAC?

We do have customers that use the software on a MAC with the help of a Windows emulator.

Q. I currently use a lab to get nutrition information and it is expensive, how does NutriCalc® compare?
NutriCalc® is very cost-effective, allowing you to make changes with instant results. For a one-off fee, you have unlimited use of the software for all of your products. With a full lab analysis of the 'big 8' nutrients costing at least £100, NutriCalc® pays for itself in no time, and is especially useful at the NPD stage.

The speed of NutriCalc® is a huge benefit: while your competitors are waiting for expensive lab results, you can be delighting customers and increasing profits. And you save the time spent in preparing and sending samples! If your retailer customers require nutrition information at the concept or presentation stage, what could be more convenient?

Q. I have to design healthy recipes - will NutriCalc® help with that?
If you need to design healthier (reduced fat or salt, low-carb etc.) recipes, NutriCalc® is ideal for you. When you've entered your recipe, NutriCalc® will give you not only the nutrition information, but also a list of how much each ingredient contributes to the fat or any other nutrient. Then you can easily change or reduce the high contributors. This takes the hassle out of your healthy recipe design.

Q. Can it do anything else?
Yes, there is a handy feature which provides an ingredient declaration, saving you time in combining ingredients, listing in order etc.

And, there's a function that calculates the product costing based on the ingredient costs that you enter. Again, more time saved in your busy day!

Download the demo to see NutriCalc® in action, then call +44 (0) 1598 760673 to order your working copy!

Q. Where do the nutrient data files come from?
The MAIN file is taken from the UK Nutrient Databank (COFID), also known as 'McCance and Widdowson'

The USDA file consists of the American Nutrient information

The SUPPLEMENTARY file is a new file, supplied by us, that includes many food manufacturers' ingredients not included in the above, including additives and sugars.

The values have, where necessary, been re-calculated to be in line with the requirements of the EC Labelling Directives, so we have ensured that all databases are compatible.

Q. Can I enter information for other ingredients?
Yes, you can enter practically an unlimited number

Q. Who else uses NutriCalc®?
Leading high street retailers
Food manufacturers both large and small
Trading Standards officers
Food research associations
Start-up companies
Go to our Customers page to see who has purchased our software.

Q. I don't think we make enough products to make NutriCalc® cost-effective. Can you do the work for us?
Yes, we do offer that service. It's quick and confidential. Read about our Calculation Service.

Q. I'm not comfortable using computers. Do you offer any support?
NutriCalc® is very easy to use and comes with a comprehensive in-built manual

If you have any queries or problems, you have access to free telephone and email support for six months. We aim to satisfy every single customer and our support is second to none.

There is a training workshop in London every few months, or we can offer on-site training if you would find that more convenient and/or cost-effective.

Q. I make battered fish, is NutriCalc® suitable for all food products?
For very good reasons, we do not recommend nutrition calculation for fried foods.

Q. Suppose I don't currently provide nutrition information for my products?
You will probably be aware that the Food Information Regulation requires compliance by 2016 for nutrition information, however if you do not currently supply nutrition information to your customers either on the label or separately, you are missing out on a great opportunity to make your products look more professional, at a time when more and more consumers are becoming very interested in nutrient content.

NutriCalc® is a quick, simple and inexpensive way of obtaining nutrition information for your products and increasing sales in the process.

NutriCalc® has evolved immensely over the years, with thanks largely to the feedback of you, our valued customers.

Q. What should I do next?
You can order NutriCalc® by contacting us on 01598 760673 or enquiries@nutricalc.co.uk