Neo Software

NutriCalc® Neo provides you with nutrition information for your recipes

It's really easy to use ...

You just choose your ingredients from the huge database.

Then for each one, you add its quantity.

You can then see values for 40 nutrients for your recipe (including all the main ones used in labelling)

You can also get information about reference intakes as well as Front- and Back-of-Pack images.

If you have to design a healthier recipe (eg lower fat or salt), NutriCalc’s® Contributions page shows you how much each ingredient is contributing to the overall figure. Then you can reduce quantities or replace ingredients to bring the figure down.

For use in (or export to) non-EC countries, you can select USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand or South Africa to obtain specific information for those countries.

Our Five-a-Day calculator gives you a quick guide to how many Five-a-Day portions your recipe will contribute.

From Allergen information for the ingredients, you can get an assessment of the Allergen content of your recipe.
If you’d like an Ingredient Declaration list of ingredients to declare on your packaging, NutriCalc® will put them in the right order and add together any duplicates. You can also select some ingredients for ‘QUIDding’.

There’s also a Costings page in which you can enter ingredient costs.

The software comes with three big databases, including our unique Supplementary file, which contains lots of manufacturers’ processing aids, E-numbers etc. If you don’t find one of your ingredients in the files, you can enter it into the Self file.

It also possible to enter a sub-recipe, which can then be called up and used in a number of recipes.


Single-user licence:   UK: £945 plus VAT   Other EC:  €1320 (VAT not payable) To order the software, please telephone on 01598 760673

Neo Demo

For a demo version please click here